Our Management Team consists of Owner Director Debbie and Assisting Manager Jess, as well as the Room Leader in each of our rooms. Strong communication between these people ensures excellent leadership and mentoring across the centre. Our Owner Director, Debbie, has a wealth of business and coaching experience and has spoken at industry conferences on staff engagement, communication and leadership. 



At Bowral Street Childcare we employ qualified and experienced staff who truly love and appreciate their work with children. We employ around 10 staff... As many have been with us for a long time and have children of their own, a number of our staff are part-time and share a position. We find that this enables us to retain experienced and mature staff. It also creates more consistency within our roster because our part-time staff cover each other's leave so we rarely need to employ casuals.

Our staff to children ratios are always above our regulation requirements. It is important to us to provide excellent supervision and to have sufficient staff on hand to create a calm environment where children are well looked after and spaces can still be cleaned and set up for the next activity.

"We interact with staff and children in ways that are respectful, supportive, honest, encouraging, positive and fun so that Bowral Street Childcare is a place that everyone wants to come to and feels like a second family."  ~ Staff