We use a specially designed routine to guide our days at Bowral Street Childcare. It ensures that we have a balanced mix of indoor and outdoor play, structured learning time, music and movement, etc.

It ensures that meals are spread nicely throughout the day and that children are given sufficient rest time. It also serves as a reminder for hand washing, nappy changes, sunscreen application and cleaning tasks. Our routine is displayed throughout the centre and parents are very welcome to have a copy of it.

All meals are provided at Bowral Street Childcare, including morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and a late afternoon snack.

We partner with a catering company who specialise in childcare catering to provide children with meals that are designed by a nutritionist and cooked by qualified chefs.

All meals are varied and healthy, served on a six-week rotating schedule, and are designed in line with national dietary requirements. Special dietary requirements are provided for too. We can provide dairy free, gluten free and vegetarian options, among others. None of our meals contain nuts.

All meals are served on a plate, with cutlery when appropriate. Children are supported to clear their plates when finished, as part of our focus on self help skill development. The exception to this is lunchbox week which is a part of our School Readiness Program.

"I love knowing that my child will be fed nutritious meals throughout the day."

~ Parent