Our Juniors are aged 18 months to 3 and a half years. Their learning is very play based in line with our understanding that brain development occurs through play. These children are also introduced to self help skills, such as plate clearing after lunch and being responsible for their own items such as hats and shoes. Our Juniors usually have a longer sleep time than the older children, and this is also the room where we support children's toilet training, before their transition to the Preschool Room.

Our Preschoolers still enjoy plenty of play, and in the Preschool Room we extend on the children's learning and self help skills in preparation for school. All Preschoolers enjoy a wide range of age appropriate learning, and each day we do a School Readiness Program for children who must start school the following year. Our governing body requires us to provide all children with a rest period; in this room some children still sleep and others enjoy a meditation time and quiet activities.


When we are outside, children play with children of all ages, we call this family grouping. It's lovely to see the diversity of friendships that develop... young children look up to and learn from the older children and the older children develop care and compassion for those who are younger.

When we are inside children are separated into their rooms, where they are grouped age appropriately... Bowral Street Childcare has two separate rooms, the Juniors Room and the Preschool Room. This enables us to provide a routine and educational program that is appropriate to children's age and emotional development.